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“A person with zeal, passion, commitment, dedication and persistence; hosting the trust of his family, friends, business associates and clients.”

Hi, this is Ashish Chamoli, born and raised in the green and calm Cantonment Area of New Delhi, India. A product of Kendriya Vidyalaya & Delhi University and the recipient of “Rashtrapati Puraskar (The President Award)”, I stand as a common man with no unusual capabilities and credentials.

I started developing small-small software based solutions immediately after completing my schooling. My initial focus was the local export-import industry. Since than I have been through several software development projects at various capacities while working for exporters, importers, manufacturers, law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, educational institutions, government organizations, councils, federations and corporates.

As a person from a non-business family with no prior business experience; Industry taught me serious lessons time and again. I accepted and learned from my mistakes and kept moving forward. Saw the ups and downs of the business, felt as of how it feels when you are at the top of the pinnacle and faced what happens when you go broke. My family has been supporting me all the way (financially, morally, ethically and in every possible way); despite seeing myself going through the extreme down side of business and facing the worst one can think of, they encouraged me to keep moving so as to achieve my goals and never lost faith on me

During that phase all I earned was discrete experience of automating various business platforms and devised a unique way of developing medium to large scale applications. As a bonus to it, I also earned an insane amouunt of debt.

Today, I stand with those sought after bare resources and started working on my dream project. This time I am not alone, people who have already proven themselves as clear leader in their respective areas have joined hands to form a strong management team. Now myself along with the industries best brains working for the project are aiming to strategically secure the ground in the open marketplace.

I am also engaging myself into giving IT consultancy to few of the most renowned institutions spanning from educational institutions, corporates till government bodies.

So here I am, marching on my way; heading towards my goal…

Professional Profile : http://www.linkedin.com/in/ashishchamoli